No. 3 English Teaching Department takes charge of the English teaching  for the students in the Honors School and the students whose English was of an  upper intermediate to advanced level at HIT (a total of about 2600 students per  semester). English teaching courses offered by this department focus on  enhancing students’ all-around skills of using English in real communication,  esp. in the academic spheres.

        This department has a faculty of 19 teaching members, of whom there are  four professors, ten associate professors and five lecturers. Among the teaching  staff five have doctoral degrees, 12 have master’s degrees. Two faculty members  are supervisors for master degree students, and 15 teachers have overseas  educational experiences in world-famous universities in English-speaking  countries such as the USA, the Great Britain, Canada, Australia and the New  Zealand. This department invites foreign experts every semester to teach courses  like advanced speaking, academic writing, public speaking, and English for  current affairs.

         In recent years, the teachers in the No. 3 English Teaching Department  have won honors including eight provincial teaching and research awards, seven  HIT teaching and research awards and one Great Lakes Award from Canada. There is  one teacher entitled as Academic Leader in Teaching by HIT. One teacher has the  honorable title of the Distinguished Teacher in Heilongjiang. Two have been  granted the title of HIT Excellent Teachers.

         Up to 2015, the teachers in the No. 3 English Teaching Department have  published three monographs, edited 20 textbooks, wrote dozens of teaching  materials and academic journal articles, made oral presentations at  international academic conferences, and have participated in more than 10  research projects, including six provincial ones.

       No. 3 English Teaching Department has held the Elites Cup English  Speaking Contest for three times, the HIT English PPT Presentations Contest  twice, and the National College English Competition twice, apart from English  learning activities such as an evening of International Communication, English  video-making, English newspaper making, vocabulary contests, English news  listening competition, and the competition about English speaking countries.  With the teachers’ guidance, the students have participated and won numerous  prizes in the CCTV Cup English Speaking Contest, LTRP Cup National Debate  Tournament, FLTRP English Writing Contest, the National College English  Competition, and Model United Nations.