The First College English Teaching Office undertakes the teaching tasks  of college English courses for the non-English major undergraduates in general classes at HIT.

         In this office, there are totally 25 teachers, including 2 professors, 14 associate professors and 9 lecturers. Among them, one is with the title of  Academic Leader in Teaching. Five teachers won  excellent teaching awards. Two have doctoral degrees and 23 have master degrees. Twenty teachers have overseas learning and research experiences.

         Recently, the First College English Teaching Office has completed 13  teaching reform projects, including those sponsored by the Ministry of Education and those by the Heilongjiang provincial government. More than one hundred papers were published in  various journals at home and abroad including CSSCI journals such as Foreign  Language Research, Foreign Language Learning Theory and Practice, Foreign  Languages and Teaching as well as international journals such as Intercultural  Communication Studies. More than 20 textbooks and supplementary books were compiled and published over the years and some by nationally-renowned press such as Foreign Language and Teaching Research Press, etc. Dozens of  teaching and research prizes were awarded to teachers in the First College  English Teaching Office at school, provincial levels and one at national level.  In 2007, the College English Course was rated one of the Select Courses in  Heilongjiang Province.